Tuesday, November 13, 2012

An Autumn Walk at Raven Rock State Park

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Donnie and the boys went with me to Raven Rock State Park yesterday.  The park sits geologically where the sandhills of North Carolina and the Piedmont of North Carolina meet along the Cape Fear River.  The park gets it's name for the cliffs along the shoreline of the river.  Although it was cloudier than I thought optimal for picture taking, I enjoyed my time there very much.  The weather was a warm 75 degree day.  We hiked the 2.6 mile trail which ended up being closer to 5 miles for Donnie on his FitBit One  activity tracker.  Poor guy never gets to walk in a straight line with the boys wrestling him down the path.

I took in my tripod, and we used it several times to take group shots.  I just love looking at these pics over and over again.  Here's a collage of what I thought were the best of the best.

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We took this group shot early on.  Donnie and I go back and forth liking this one or the one I put in the middle of the collage.

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This shot down at Raven Rock itself gives you a feel for the grand size of the cliffs.

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From prior visits, I knew the boys were going to get dusty and dirty sliding all over the place.  Johnny really cranked it up!

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Here's is Pig-Pen impersonation:-)

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And a video to show you the dust in action!  I've always felt that kids deserve times to be themselves and let off steam and go crazy like this.  I know some moms would find letting a kid get this dirty tough to take.


A big thanks to my handsome Donnie for making my day off a great day!

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I've got more Raven Rock shots I may share tomorrow.  Some of the foliage and views were really fantastic.  

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