Saturday, May 5, 2012

Tachinid Fly

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Donnie took me for a drive down my favorite gravel/dirt road, John Adams, yesterday.  The Queen Anne's lace is blooming, and I'm eagerly awaiting the buds on the orange tiger lilies to develop and open too.  I spent about 30 minutes in two different spots seeing what I could see and taking pics along the way.

My daily which I originally thought was a wasp is a tachanid fly Cylindromyia sp. Who knew?!? :-) Thanks to L. Perry Fuqua for suggesting that I use BugGuide for an ID.

I wanted to post this American Lady butterfly shot today, but the butterfly seemed to blend into the background too much.

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Here's a collage of the best of the best of the day.

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Johnny had another Little League baseball game last night, and I took pics again even though it was a later in the evening and therefore there was less light.  The Ironbirds did win.  Johnny was really starting to get the hang of backing up first base; he's often in right field.  Here's a collage with some game highlights.

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