Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A View of the Pasture

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On the way to the beach on Monday, we drove past this pasture which is very close to my house.  I often want to stop and take pics here, but it's on a busy highway and there's nowhere to park.  Donnie and I both saw how pretty the light and frost was, and he volunteered to turn around and drop me off and come back for me in 5 minutes.  Yes, please!!!  So I started taking as many bracketed images zoomed out and in and from various vantage points along the fence.  I picked my favorite back at home and processed it as an HDR and then created several versions in Color Efex Pro.  I ended up posting the HDR version.

If I think the comp of a shot is worth the effort, or I'm just having fun, I usually try to pp it several ways and then pick the one I think works the best.  What that really means is that I give myself too many choices and then torture myself for a while trying to pick the best one  :-)

Here's the original:

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Here's one Color Efex Pro Version

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Here's another Color Efex Pro version:

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Here's one other view sooc that Donnie and I really liked.  I just wish I'd exposed the sunburst better:

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I often see Canada Goose in this field and sometimes a heron or an egret.  It's a beautiful south facing spot where I can get both pretty sunrises and pretty sunsets.  Sometimes all the cows are in the water in the summer cooling off.  I hope Donnie can drop me off there again on a favorable picture day soon.

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