Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Today's POTD didn't start out to be a spooky spider...really. I saw this cool web in my yard yesterday morning that was kindof in the sunlight. I grabbed my camera fast! I've seen this type of spider before. Harmless! A bit spooky I think! I did my best to get a sharp, bokeh pretty shot, but there just wasn't enough light for handheld. I ended up doing a B&W (tint) conversion and adding a bit of grain and going spooky to try to offset the movement in the shot. It's only 68 this morning, and the first signs of fall are just around the corner...

This may just be a Blue Jay fledgling trying to get some 'hair'!

I also continue to monitor the cardinal fledglings.

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Major Mom said...

Love your spider and fledgling pictures! I remember several cardinal fledglings hanging out in our backyard in Nebraska.

I also love how you're back to Blogger again! We missed you!