Monday, September 13, 2010

Heroes and Villains Day Two

The Museum of Life and Science in Durham had a great idea this year and decided to host their popular Heroes, Villains and Special Effects event on both Saturday and Sunday. And, the boys and I had such a good time on Saturday, that we decided to go back on Sunday as well.

The boys posed with their favorite characters again. I really like the shots I got today (as well as the ones from yesterday). Johnny was more comfortable on Sunday, and that shows positively in the pictures. A big thanks again to the Carolina Garrison for helping to make so many smiles this weekend!

There really are some great special effects exhibits at this event too. It's not all Star Wars. But, some of the special effects stuff is geared towards the older kids, so I don't get to spend much time in these areas...yet. We did stop in for a minute to watch the actor below getting his face made up for a scary movie part. I was explaining to the boys all the work that goes into making up some actors for their parts; it can take hours.

One of the things the boys really wanted to do more of today was Contraptions. A little over a year ago, the museum turned one of their small rooms near the weather exhibits into the Contraptions room and filled it with plumbing pipe, wood blocks, golf balls, rope, dominoes, pulleys, clamps, some kitchen tools, little metal buckets, and I'm sure a few things I am leaving out. Kids (and adults) come in and are inspired through pictures, videos, file cards, and their own imagination to build their own contraption. The boys LOVE this room, and we spent an hour in here yesterday building at least 5 different projects. I had to pull them out to do something else. They easily could have stayed for another hour.

There is a Contraptions page on the museum website if you're interested.

Here's a video of Joey and his Slingshot Pinball contraption:

We look forward each visit to seeing the animals and wildlife at the museum too. Joey loves the opossum and woodchuck that are housed inside. Johnny loves to watch the turtles swim in their tanks. We stop by each visit, usually 2 or 3 times, to see all the animals in the Farmyard. They are all so much fun, but I love Max the Jersey Cow and Lightning the Donkey. Mom always looks for the Great Blue Heron and other birds out in the wetlands area too. We have great experiences with various animals each time we come and always leave with smiles and a few pics.

The boys and I remind you to have fun and to make sure you ride the train on your next visit. And, whatever you do, don't forget to scream in the tunnel!

The rest of yesterday's pics are here.

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Don Miller said...

I liked the video of the ping pong shot. Look Moms what you have to look forward to when your sons go to college Beer Pong!