Monday, July 6, 2009

Bowling and a Racoon

I worked the 5AM shift today, so I was able to stop at 2. I spent a good bit of time figuring out something fun the kids and I could do. Marbles was closed. Really too late to go somewhere that closed at 5. I decided on bowling at the lanes just north of Fuquay.
I've been a few times before with J&J. Madi had been to a b'day party there before. We had a good time today as you can see from the pics. Who cares about the score, right?!? Unfortunately, the bumper was good for me to:-) We bowled, played arcade games, and left with a cute bowling pin stuffed animal all around.

On the way home, I drove down John Adams of course. Goodness, there was a baby racoon in the road. I know they can have rabies, so I made sure not to get too close, but you know I was not gonna pass up on taking his picture! We picked up a box turtle to bring home too.

The swamp is nearly dry now. The owner of the land got rid of a beaver damn that was holding in the water from the big pond.. It's sad. Another few days and it will be completely dry over there.

I was thinking that these pics are typical for me. Kids interspersed with nature shots and other artsy shots:-)

The rest of today's pics are here.

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