Sunday, February 8, 2009

NC Zoo

The boys and I made a trip to the NC Zoo on Saturday. We're having nothing short of spectacular weather for February here in NC, and it seemed like a good idea to spend the day outside. For those that haven't been to the NC Zoo, it is very enjoyable and has lots of delightful animals, but it's in the middle of a rather hilly forest, so put on your walking shoes! You'll get some exercise!!!

During the off season, the Africa parking lot is closed, so we entered through the North America parking lot. That entrance is near the seals, otters, and Willy the polar bear. We just love those 'water' animals. They are so much fun to watch especially when they are active in front of the glass observation windows. The otters will make you giggle as they swim in figure eights right in front of your eyes.
The Bison hear is growing, and they were resting in a very visible spot today. Cool bluebirds flying around the field there too.

Gotta love the gorilla sitting in the Thinker pose. The gorillas were up and about today, and that was interesting to watch.

The elephants were up close and personl, and the mom and her baby put on a nice show as they ate their lunch. I especially enjoyed when they ate nose to nose for a few minutes. It seemed very loving.

Of course J&J were too busy playing the elephant statue game to notice the elephants much. At least I was free to take tons of pictures at that spot while they were entertained by it. Boy did we all miss the Vollmer's here.

Joey was disappointed that Lovey the lion was sleeping. We've heard him roar before. Maybe next time!

The rest of the pics are here.

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