Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sometimes life is not fair!

Nobody ever said life is fair, right? Today, I took the boys to the museum in Durham. We were there for over 4 hours having a blast. When we got home, I was tired and I put in frozen pizza. I thought I'd squeeze in a few chores waiting on it. I grabbed a bottle of spiedie marinade out of the pantry to pour on some meat. I brute force twisted the plastic safety seal off the top and went to shake the bottle. Spiedie marinade for those of you that don't know is mostly olive oil and Italian seasoning. What I didn't realize is that the cap had come loose with the safety seal. I shook, and the marinade went EVERYWHERE. Darn near made a grown woman cry. It was all over the inside of my pantry, on my kitchen floor, on my shirt, in my hair...just a COMPLETE MESS. I didn't get to eat, but at least the boys did while I cleaned up my very icky and untimely accident. If you stop by in the next few days, the house is still likely to smell like spiedie sauce:-( Go easy on me...

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