Sunday, November 2, 2008


We had a really good time trick or treating tonight with our friends in the neighborhood. Some of the smaller kids like Sophie (cute little witch) and Sienna (pink princess) were able to really get into the swing of things with the older (aged 4-8) kids. Joey made his official debut at R2-D1-1 while Johnny wore the Mr. Incredible costume that he's been enjoying wearing for weeks. Madi had on a new witch costume. Eli was Darth Vader. Grayson was a knight. Celeste was in a very cute horse costume. Rick was a ghost. And, well, I was Wonder Woman. I think everyone can be a kid or at least try to feel like one on Halloween, right?!?
Rick spent most of Friday decorating the Haunted Garage. The big attraction tihs year was a special card game between several skeletons. He spent a lot of time organizing their hands, laying out the chips, stuffing them, and finishing the effect with spiderwebs all around. It was neat. The boys and I helped set up a few things around the card table as well. Everyone was getting in on the act.
It was nice to see the kids enjoying the pretend of Halloween and not being scared by the props that have bothered some in the past. They just charged right into the garage this year. It was obvious Mr. Rick was the ghost:-)
The rest of the pics are here.

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