Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Vollmer Farm

The boys and I made what is now our annual trip to The Vollmer Farm today. Last year we went on 10/14 and had a great time, so going again this year was an easy choice. Patricia and family found this place and let us know about how much fun it was after they went last year.

Anyway, all the things we loved last year we loved again this year. The boys were super excited and wanted to head for the bouncing pumpkin first. Then we were off to the corn sandbox where I think we spent the most time. The corn feels very relaxing... The kids enjoyed burying themselves and me.

We did the corn maze. It took us no time to find the 5 color stations this year. Joey's 'fortune' was 65. We did the pumpkin toss. Even Johnny was able to sling the 'pumpkin' a good ways after he learned and practiced on a few balls. We played on the playgrounds and did the 40'+ potato sack slide and the barrel crate cow train. It was just one fun thing after the other.

You would have thought that the kids were super tired at that point, but no, they were ready to go pick a pumpkin. We got 4 small or medium-sized ones, and they only came to $6.40! We were in the field for a good while walking around looking for the most interesting ones.

Definitely another successful fall season for us so far including our trip to Bunn where the farm is.

The rest of today's pics are here.

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