Sunday, September 28, 2008

Fall Festivities Continue

I awoke to the, "Mom, can we get more Halloween decorations down?" request today:-) I knew it was coming. We'd talked about it. "Sure, but let me wake up a bit first, OK?!?"

The Starbucks finally kicked in so that I felt safe to climb on the pulldown stairs. We got down our scarecrows and put them out. Poor Joey, he wants to be 10, but he's only going on 6. By that, I mean that he was so frustrated he couldn't put the scarecrow stakes in the ground by himself where he wanted them. Soon, son, soon. And, while you're at it, mow the grass too, OK?

I put up a new ghost globe inflatable too. We had fun. They got their decorations. I got my pictures. We all got a few mosquito bites.

Rest of the pics are here.

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