Monday, June 9, 2008

Oh my, that's a snake in the kitchen!

Things got kindof exciting at my house last night. Shortly after Patricia and the boys left to go home from an afternoon playdate, and while I was cooking dinner, I looked down at my kitchen floor and saw a black snake. Now, we see these all the time in the yard, but this guy was crawling along the cabinet beneath my kitchen sink! I hollared for Rick and tried to coax the snake into the kitchen garbage can, but he ran under the dishwasher (left in picture). I went about fixing dinner as best as I could considering that he might come back out at any time. While we ate, I ran the dishwasher hoping the vibration would coax him out. He came out, but our attempts to nab him caused him to go back under. Grrrrrr! A short time later, after Rick had to leave, he came out and before I could do anything went under the stove (right in picture) . Neighbors Danny and Mark came over and pulled out the stove, but he was nowhere in sight. For most of the evening I stood vigil waiting for him to come back out. Christine came over and spelled me while I got the boys in bed, then I went back to watching until Rick came home. After he got home, Rick looked all over for him but couldn't find him. We let our large, mixed breed dogs, Sugar and Honey, stay in the kitchen area overnight to see if they could find/get him. No luck. But, as soon as I took them out this morning, he poked his head out from under the stove just for a minute and then went right back under. Darnit! We all had to leave to run various errands, and when Rick got home (first was my plan;-) he was climbing up the wall in the kitchen behind my mother's desk. I didn't think he could climb a flat wall!!! Rick grabbed him with a blanket and carried him outside. Boy am I relieved. Snakes aren't supposed to be territorial, so hopefully he'll be a smart boy and go on about his business. We might not be so nice if he gets inside again! And, he'd better not have a twin!

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