Sunday, June 22, 2008

Fun at the Museum

The boys and I made it to the Museum of Life and Science in Durham today like we planned. I have to share, though, that we got as far as the Durham Bulls stadium before I realized that the kids didn't have on any shoes. They forgot to grab their Crocs, and Mom forgot to remind them. Oops! Thankfully, there was a drugstore nearby with inexpensive crocalikes (red), and our little dilemna was easily fixed. No way were we turning around after driving 30 miles!

It wasn't sweltering here today. No 100 degree temps. Still, it was pretty hot. The boys and I look hot and sticky from suntan lotion in the pics. We spent about 3 1/2 hours of our 4-hour trip to the museum outside:-) There's just so much to do, and they keep adding more.

We did all the usual favorite stuff like the playground, sandbox, musical instruments, train, and butterfly house. We were lucky to go to the butterfly house at 3PM when they released the 'new' butterflies. Both the boys and I got to hold several butterflies. All the kids were so delighted to participate in this special event; it was just great.

What we also did was go way out back past the train depot to where the new Explore the Wind exhibit is. Hugh, the train conductor, was telling us how much his grandson loved sailing the sailboats and that we really should walk back there. Mom was super impressed to see a great blue heron and get cools pics, and the boys were way happy sailing the remote-controlled sailboats. Wow! Joey said we just have to go back there every time we go from now on:-)

We never didn't see the bears, wolves, or lemurs...maybe next time.

We did finally go back to the 'big' building long enough to quickly walk through the NASA stuff. But, by then, the late afternoon thunderstorms were rolling in, and it was time to head out.

Here is the link to all the pics I took yesterday. Here is a link to just the pics in the collage.

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Jeff Stern said...

I'm glad that you enjoyed your visit - those are some great photos. The sailboat pond is also my favorite. Thanks for supporting the Museum through membership and through your blog!

Jeff Stern, Director of Membership Advancement