Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Real Easter Eggs

The boys and I walked Blaze after supper last night and ran into Danny and Madi. While the kids were running around in circles all excited to see each other, Danny and I snuck a peak at this bluebird nest. For years, Danny and Christine have had good success with the bluebird boxes in their yard. The nice thing about bluebirds is that they are not sensitive to you removing their nests for inspection. Also, the bluebird boxes that are sold around here usually come with a nesting cup. So, when you think you have eggs, you carefully open the box, let momma bird fly out, and gently lift out the cup for a peak. This year, the bird has laid a record 6 eggs. Cool! Super neat! Just fantastic! Hopefully in a few weeks I'll have a picture of the actual babies to post:-)
The rest of the pics from last night are here. Danny and Christine's wisteria vine looks awesome too. I had really hoped to get some pics with better lighting today, but of course it's cloudy with a threat of rain. I need sun!
More information on bluebird nesting is here and here.

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Maryann Goldman said...

Anyone familiar with The Berenstain Bears may recognize the borrowed blog post title from one of their books:-)