Sunday, February 3, 2008

Lake Wheeler Park and Ducks

I promised Joey yesterday, that we'd go to Lake Wheeler Park today. We drove through it on our way home from Yates Mill Pond, and he saw the playground and ducks and really wanted to visit there too. So, off we went around 10:30 this morning with bread.

When we got out of the car, the ducks ran for us! Serious! They were very friendly, and the kids were super excited to feed them.

After some shots on land, I started throwing bread into the water to get some water shots.

Now, all the ducks in the pics so far are mallards. But, we also saw some muscovy ducks. See the big white guy with red on his face below.

Both boys had the thrill of this male muscovy eating a cracker right out of their hands. He was actually pretty gentle about it.

I bought a loaf of cheap white bread at WM today, and we'll be going back soon!

Many more duck pics are here. The Best Of album is here.

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Morgan said...

I'm a friend of Major Mom's and we apparently have photography in common. I just wanted to stop and see your photos. LOVE the sun set!