Friday, September 2, 2011

Wet Hibiscus

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I have a flower water globe vase where you submerge a flower in water and it floats suspended in the water.  There is a plastic base within the black outer base at the bottom that has several holes in it so you can stick the stem(s) in the holes to hold the flower down.  You put the flower in upside down and then right the globe.  The plastic base might have uses outside of this vase too.  The flowers last in the water globe vase for several days looking quite fresh.

I'm not sure where you can buy these now, but I got mine originally at Gardner's Supply Company:

I haven't had great success in taking shots of flowers that are inside it, but the flowers sure are pretty when wet.

Yesterday I put a yellow hibiscus in the globe and took a few shots. I think I like this one the best since the stigmas have the water bubbles around it. I had to consult this page for Flower part diagrams and description to understand stamen vs. stigma:-)

The other two shots that I liked are:

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Hey, it's Friday and for us US folks it's a long weekend. TGIF! Well, I'm on call and the boys are away for the weekend but still!  I've got some fun planned anyway.

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